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  • Q What auxilary equipment you need for the production line? Does it need water?

    A The only anxilary equipment needed is the air compressor, and our production line do not need any water.
  • Q What is the area needed to set this factory?

    A Considering the workshop and storage, we suggest you 1000-1500SM per production line
  • Q Have you sold any similar machine to our market already?

    A we have sold to 109 countries until now, please contact with us, to confirm your local market situation.
  • Q How about the machine guarantee?

    A The Seller offers a 12-month quality guarantee period from the delivery date. During this period, the Seller shall repair the machine and provide repair parts (wearing parts, and parts subject to normal wear and tear (like: cutters and belts,etc)or damage attributable to the Buyer excluded). The damage attributable to the Buyer shall be repaired at the Buyer’s cost. (the warranty period is valid from 30 days after the buyer is informed of the test of the machine.)
  • Q If I need to change certain spare parts, how can I confirm the item No. with you?

    A Each spare part on our machine has unique code no. We have the spare parts codes regulation system. We only need you to tell us the laser code No. on the spare part. Then we can confirm with you the drawing at the soonest time and supply you the spare part accordingly.
  • Q Could you also supply raw materials?

    A Yes, surely we can. We have long term cooperation with many raw materials suppliers. They can provide us good quality and good price. This is in our service chain.
  • Q What’s your after sales service?

    A When machine is delivered from our factory, we’ll apply the visa for our engineers to your country. As soon as the machine arrives in your factory, we’ll assign them to go immediately. You can also assign your staff to our factory to learn.
  • Q Can you do the machines' appearance design for us?

    A Yes. We have a professional team with rich experience in machine's appearance design and manufacturing. Machine structure design is according to the products that you want to produce.


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