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Stop us orders and build 130 mask production lines to meet the demand of one market

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A few days ago, judaisia sent an apology email to customers in the United States, Germany, Algeria and other countries. Several production lines originally agreed to be exported as soon as possible. Now, she's going to "default.".

Judaixia is the boss of a mechanical equipment company in Jinhu County, Jiangsu Province. Her company mainly produces disposable tissue, diapers, masks and other household paper equipment.

For a long time, the company mainly exports, 85% of its customers come from 109 countries such as the United States, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, more than 30 domestic masks factories called Ju Daixia for help: "the production line is not enough, and the capacity needs to be expanded."

On the sixth day of the new year, Ju Daixia made a decision. She will return to work in advance, suspend orders from all foreign customers, and only rush to build production lines for Chinese mask factories

Return home

On January 22, Ju and her husband Chen Bin flew to Singapore with their children, parents, siblings and a group of ten people. After a busy year, the couple finally have time to take their family abroad for vacation.

From the news, novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan was reported by Dai. However, at that time, only a few cases were confirmed in Wuhan, which did not stir waves in the small county town of Jinhu County, Jiangsu Province. "I feel that the epidemic situation in Wuhan is far away from us."

In Singapore, judaisha often pays attention to "foreign news". On the third day of the new year, a Singaporean Chinese who had been to Wuhan was diagnosed. The overwhelming coverage of Singapore's channels made judaisia realize the seriousness of the situation.

In those days, many friends called judaisia to ask if she could help buy masks abroad. Friends said that the country has been "a cover is hard to find".

There are also mask manufacturers from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places who call Ju Daixia.

In special times, these factories are all back to work in an emergency. However, the original production capacity can not meet the needs of major hospitals and ordinary residents.

The boss of a mask factory in Fujian called Ju Daixia. His factory could have produced a million masks a day. Since the government unified the allocation of mask factory, the task of his factory has increased dramatically. In an emergency, he found judaisia at Alibaba international station and asked if he could order ten production lines.

In those days abroad, judaixia received a total of more than 30 calls from domestic factories, "all to order production lines.". She discussed with her husband whether to return home and return to work in advance.

On the fifth day of the beginning of the year, the number of domestic infections has exceeded 6000. At this time, staying abroad is the safest. "We have four old people and two little children. If we rush back, we will have to make a change on the way, and we will certainly pass through many crowded places. "

Judaixia and Chen Bin are talking about returning to work while paying attention to the domestic news. The number of people infected is increasing. "The more you brush the news, the more anxious you become."

The national mask is in a hurry. Ju Daixia doesn't know why. "In China, there are less than 40 factories capable of manufacturing masks." It's the Spring Festival. Many of the factories have been shut down. Many mask factories want to increase production capacity, but they can't order production lines.

After discussion, the husband and wife signed the ticket for the sixth day of the first year and returned to China before the flight stopped.

Resumption of work

After the decision to return to work, Ju Daixia and Chen Bin held a conference call with several key employees abroad. The first was to check the remaining inventory materials in the warehouse, and the second was to discuss the design of the production line.

The first step in the production of mask machine is drawing, designing function and appearance. This is the work of designer Zhang Zheng (pseudonym), "only when the drawings are designed can the workers start production."

Zhang Zheng, who had just returned to his hometown in Hunan Province for a few days, did not hesitate for a moment. After the meeting, he left with his luggage. He bought a ticket for his return trip that night. Before going home this time, he didn't see his own child for half a year. When he left, the child held him and cried for a long time before he let go.

When judaixia returned to the factory, the workshop was already in full swing to get back to work.

Most of the workers in the factory are local. On the first day, more than 30 workers wore masks to work in the workshop. In the factory of Jinhu County, workers have to shift at least 12 hours a day. The night shift workers work harder, and the temperature drops to below zero at night. Without heating, the first night, with the workers together judaixia cold feet.

The next day, she sent people to buy more than a dozen warm air heaters and small suns, and put them separately in every corner of the workshop.

They left the factory at 3 a.m. every day on the days when they returned to work. They went home to sleep for three hours, and at six o'clock in the morning, they hurried back to work.

From sanitary napkin equipment to mask equipment

In the early 1990s, Chen Bin worked as a purchaser in a factory in Jinhu County. At that time, Chinese women were still using menstrual bands during their physiological period. In rural areas with worse conditions, they could not even afford menstrual bands. They used rough toilet paper and cotton cloth.

Later, Chen Bin's factory and Fujian Hengan Group introduced two production lines of sanitary napkins from abroad, which really appeared in the life of Chinese women.

In 1996, Chen Bin, who was interested in mechanical products, had the idea of resignation and entrepreneurship. At that time, sanitary napkin was only in its infancy in China, with a promising future. He wants to set up an equipment factory that specializes in making machines for sanitary napkins.

Chen Bin was born in the countryside of Jinhu County. His parents were ordinary farmers. In order to support his son's entrepreneurship, his parents sold three tile houses in the countryside. Chen Bin took the money and rented a workshop in the county. With two designers, he drew drawings by himself. Then run to all parts of the country to promote sanitary napkin equipment.

For the first two years, Chen Bin's business was not good. Most of the promotion was rejected, "others see me a big man to promote sanitary napkin equipment, are dismissive."

In 1998, a customer in Tianjin tried to set up a production line here in Chen Bin, and the sanitary napkins produced were sold in large quantities. Later, he placed several orders in a row. Not long later, in Hebei and Shandong, near Tianjin, he was constantly found and wanted to order production lines.

In 2003, when SARS broke out, Ju Daixia, who was Chen Bin's wife, was attending the Guangzhou Fair. Guangzhou was the epidemic area at that time. Judaixia ran several drugstores and couldn't buy masks. After returning to Jinhu County from Guangzhou, judaixia had a fever and was isolated for more than ten days. Finally, she was diagnosed as a common cold, not SARS.

But this matter gave Ju daisia vigilance. During SARS, it is difficult for ordinary people to buy masks because there are not many factories producing masks in China, which can not meet the huge demand brought by the outbreak. The temporary import of masks from abroad, due to the qualification and customs clearance procedures, is also "far water can't save near fire".

In case of another SARS like epidemic in the future, we can't always rely on foreign factories, can we?

Judaixia and her husband discussed and decided to make a mask production line. After that, they increased the production line of paper for daily use such as diapers. In order to expand customers, judaixia opened a shop in Alibaba international and began to receive orders from foreign countries.

Up to now, 85% of the machinery they produce is exported to the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries.

Stop foreign orders

After 17 years, the worry of SARS really happened.

At that time, she still owed more than $6 million for the production line of diapers and sanitary napkins, which needed to be completed in nearly three months.

But for now, she has to postpone processing these orders.

A few days ago, judaisia sent e-mails to customers in the United States, Germany and other countries. In the email, she mentioned the epidemic situation in China and the urgent situation of the inventory of masks nationwide, hoping to delay the delivery for at least one month.

Foreigners attach importance to the contract, even think, maybe some customers angry, will sue her for breach of contract. "In that way, I also recognize that, as a matter of urgency, I can only consider our domestic needs."

To her surprise, none of the customers complained about it. They all replied to the email to express their understanding and reminded judaisia to pay attention to safety.

Now, judaisia's factory has stopped the production of all equipment except mask equipment. In fact, mask equipment is a very small category in many production lines.

"The price of a mask production line is no more than 450000 yuan, but the price of a diaper production line is about 7 million yuan." On weekdays, customers buy a diaper production line with a mask production line, said judaixia. "It's like taking a pack of gum with you when you're shopping in a supermarket."

At present, judaixia can't care about these. During the Spring Festival, the materials stored in the warehouse can only produce 70 production lines of masks. She must purchase materials and increase production capacity immediately.

The materials needed for the production line of masks are concentrated in Shandong, Zhejiang and other places. Recently, the highways in many cities have been blocked. In order to make judaixia purchase materials smoothly, the Jinhu County Government has opened documents for her. The factory's purchasers take the documents and have a smooth journey. They can return on the same day. Today, her current materials have been able to produce 120-130 mask production lines.

In a row, it takes only 5 days for judaixia's workers to build 15-20 production lines of masks. It is reported that a production line can produce 80-100 medical masks per minute. "This first production line can produce 1.2-1.4 million masks a day."

In judaixia's mind, she has always been calculating an account: if the 120-130 production lines are started at the same time, the masks produced can meet the demand of a city or even a province.

The first batch of 15-20 production lines will be completed soon. In a few days, her mask equipment will continue to produce medical masks, which will be sent to hospitals and ordinary people.


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