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Shouting to stop US orders, Jiangsu female boss quickly made 130 mask production lines to solve the demand of a city

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Shouting to stop US orders, Jiangsu female boss quickly made 130 mask production lines to solve the demand of a city


A few days ago, Ju Daixia sent an apology email to customers in several countries, including the United States, Germany, and Algeria. Several production lines that were originally agreed to be output as soon as possible. Now, she is about to "default".

Ju Daixia is the owner of a mechanical equipment company in Jinhu County, Jiangsu. Her company mainly manufactures sanitary napkins, diapers, masks and other disposable tissues. For a long time, Judaixia Company mainly exports, and 85% of its customers are from the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and other 109 countries.

After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan, more than 30 mask factories in China called Ju Daixia for help: "The production line is not enough, and the production capacity needs to be expanded." On the sixth day of the new year, Ju Daixia made a decision . She wants to resume work ahead of time, suspend all orders from foreign customers, and build production lines only for Chinese mask factories.

Return home

On January 22, Ju Daixia and her husband Chen Bin took their family of ten and flew to Singapore for vacation. From the news, Ju Daixia learned that a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia outbreak occurred in Wuhan. However, there were only a few cases diagnosed in Wuhan at the time, which did not make waves in the small county town of Jinhu County, Jiangsu. "I feel that the epidemic in Wuhan is far from us." On the third day of the Chinese New Year, a Chinese Singaporean who had been to Wuhan was diagnosed. The overwhelming coverage of various channels in Singapore made Ju Daixia aware of the seriousness of the situation. In those days, many friends called Ju Daixia and asked if she could help buy masks abroad. A friend said that the country is already "hard to find." There are also mask manufacturers from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places who called Ju Daixia. During special periods, these factories are urgently resuming work. However, the original production capacity cannot meet the needs of major hospitals and ordinary residents across the country. The owner of a mask factory in Fujian called Ju Daixia. Since the government uniformly deployed the mask factory, the workload of his factory has skyrocketed. In an emergency, he found Ju Daixia at Alibaba International Station and asked if he could order ten production lines. In the past few days abroad, Ju Daixia received calls from more than 30 domestic factories, "all have to order production lines." She discussed with her husband whether to rush back to the country.

The number of domestic infections has exceeded 6,000 on the fifth day ahead of schedule. At this time, it is safest to stay abroad. "We took four old people and two young children. If we rushed back and had to make a change on the way, we would definitely pass through a lot of densely populated places." Ju Daixia and Chen Bin discussed domestic work while discussing the resumption of work. The number of infections continues to increase. "The news is getting more and more anxious." "In China, there are fewer than 40 factories with the ability to manufacture mask production lines." It coincided with the Spring Festival, and many of these factories were shut down. Many mask factories want to increase production capacity, but can not order production lines. After consultation, the couple changed the ticket for the sixth day of the year and returned to the country before the flight was grounded.

Decision to resume work

After resuming work, Ju Daixia and Chen Bin opened a conference call for several core employees abroad. One was to check the remaining stock materials in the warehouse, and the other was to discuss the design plan of the production line. The first step in producing a mask machine is to draw drawings, design functions and appearance. This is the job of designer Zhang Zheng (pseudonym). "The drawings are designed before the workers can start production." Zhang Zheng, who had just returned to his hometown in Hunan for a few days, did not hesitate for a moment and left with his luggage after the meeting I bought a ticket for the return trip that night. Before going home this time, he hadn't seen his child for more than half a year. Before leaving, the child pulled him and cried for a while before letting go. Ju Daixia returned to the factory, and the workshop was in full swing to prepare for resumption. Most of the workers in the Judaixia factory are locals. On the first day, more than 30 workers wore masks to work in the workshop. The workers had to work at least 12 hours a day in shifts. The workers in the late shifts worked even harder. The temperature dropped to minus zero at night and there was no heating. On the first night, Ju Daixia, who was with the workers, froze her legs and feet. The next day, she bought more than a dozen air heaters, and Xiaoyang came back and put them in various corners of the workshop. These days after resuming work, they left the factory at 3 am every day. After going home to sleep for three hours, at more than 6 o'clock in the morning, they hurried back to work again.

Shout to stop foreign orders

At that time, she still owed a total of more than 6 million US dollars of orders for diapers and sanitary napkins production lines, which need to be completed in nearly three months. But now, she must postpone processing these orders. A few days ago, Ju Daixia sent emails to customers in several countries, including the United States and Germany. In the email, she mentioned the epidemic situation in China and the urgent situation of the national mask stocks, hoping to delay the delivery of at least one month. Foreigners value contracts, and Ju Daixia even thinks that maybe a customer is angry and will tell her to break the contract. "I recognized that, and the top priority is that I can only consider our domestic needs." What she didn't expect was that no client complained about this. They all responded to the email, expressing their understanding, and reminded Ju Daixia to pay attention to safety. Now, Ju Daixia's factory has stopped production of all equipment except mask equipment. In fact, mask equipment is a very small category in many production lines. "The shipping price of a mask production line is not more than 450,000 yuan, but the price of a diaper production line has reached about 7 million yuan." Ju Daixia said that on weekdays, customers are buying a diaper production line, while accompanying a mask production line . "It's like taking a pack of chewing gum when you buy food in a supermarket." Ju Daixia couldn't take care of these when the epidemic was going on. During the Spring Festival, there are only 70 mask production lines in the warehouse. She must purchase materials immediately to increase production capacity. The materials needed for the mask production line are concentrated in Shandong, Zhejiang and other places. Recently, the high-speed roads in many cities have been closed. In order to allow Ju Daixia to successfully purchase materials, the Jinhu County government also opened documents for her The staff took the pass documents and made it clear all the way, so they could return the same day. 


Today, her existing materials have been able to produce 120-130 mask production lines. With continuous rush work, the workers of Ju Daixia only need 5 days to make 15-20 mask production lines. It is reported that one production line can produce 80-100 medical masks per minute. "The first batch of production lines can produce 1.2-1.4 million masks per day." In Ju Daixia's mind, he has always calculated an account: 120-130 production lines. , And even a province's demand for masks. The first batch of 15-20 production lines is about to be completed. Ju Daixia will be evenly distributed to mask factories in several provinces. In a few days, her mask equipment will continue to produce medical masks. These masks will be sent to the hospital and ordinary people.


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