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Nanjing University of science and technology students' visit to Jinwei

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Recently, more than 40 graduate students, doctoral students and party secretary sun Yuanpeng from the school of international education of Nanjing University of technology from 15 countries, Ma duoyong, deputy head of our county, and leaders of the organization department visited our company. At the exchange meeting, Ju Daixia, general manager of Jinwei group, introduced the development of the group to foreign students with fluent English, and shared the entrepreneurial experience with some foreignstudents.


After the meeting, the international students visited the production workshop of Jinwei machinery and had academic discussion with the technical personnel of the company. They are full of praise for the high intelligence, high flexibility, low energy consumption and low noise of our equipment.

The teacher in charge of Nanjing University of science and technology said that through this exchange activity, international students in China have a better understanding of Chinese county and district enterprises and a new understanding of their future careers.

A little brother from Pakistan sighed: "Chinese enterprises are amazing. I will try my best to finish my studies and contribute to the friendship between China and Pakistan in the future."



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