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Li Yadong, Secretary of the CPC Committee and chairman of China pharmaceutical, and his party visited Jinwei group

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On the afternoon of November 17, 2021, Li Yadong, Secretary of the CPC Committee and chairman of China pharmaceutical, and his party visited Jinwei machinery, Shidai health and baozi industry. He Baoxiang, Secretary of the county Party committee, Wan Xudong, county magistrate and other leaders accompanied the inspection, and Chen Bin, chairman of the group, and Ju Daixia, general manager of the group gave a warm reception.



During the visit, chairman Chen Bin and chairman Li Yadong interacted. When visiting the modern production workshop of baozi industry, chairman Chen Bin introduced that at present, the production equipment used by baozi industry is provided by Jinwei machinery under the group, which is characterized by flexibility, high efficiency, high automation and digitization, and has initially reached the industrial 4.0 standard. It can realize remote monitoring and view the data of the production line, and diagnose and track the faults of the production line remotely. In the future, the company will use AR solid landscaping techniques, combined with holographic image, virtual reality technology (VR), augmented reality technology (AR) and hybrid reality technology (MR), to present the state of each production line with 360 ° full senses. At home or on a business trip, just a pair of AR glasses can let you be in the factory and understand and check the production status of the production line and employees. Chairman Li Yadong responded positively to this.


In the exhibition hall of the group, chairman Chen Bin introduced the recent development of the enterprise, core products and technical route to Chairman Li Yadong in detail, especially the latest R & D achievements and application products of Jinwei group. Relevant leaders of Chinese pharmaceutical companies inquired and exchanged with great interest in front of the exhibits, and praised the industrial layout, rapid development and strong technical strength of Jinwei group. Chairman Li Yadong expressed his sincere praise and expressed the hope that in the future, China Pharmaceutical and Jinwei group will actively explore the cooperation mode in the field of big health, and both sides will jointly promote the innovation of industry standards and technology application.



The visit will promote the two sides to reach consensus in relevant fields, enter a new stage, and work together to contribute to China's medical and health undertakings and great health undertakings.


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