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Her temperature·My anti-epidemic log|Ju Daixia: ordinary and great

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Ju Daixia is the general manager of Jinhu County Jinwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, and is also a part-time vice chairman of Jinhu County Women’s Federation. Her company mainly produces sanitary napkins, diapers, masks and other disposable daily necessities and related mechanical equipment. Its products are mainly exported, and 85% of its customers come from 109 countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore.

During the Spring Festival, Ju Daixia, who was on vacation abroad, learned that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, domestic masks were in an emergency. Many mask manufacturers urgently needed to expand production lines and increase production capacity. At the risk of taking a huge amount of liquidated damages, she urgently stopped foreign orders and quickly sent letters of apology to customers in several countries including the United States, hoping to delay delivery. What moved her was that none of the customers complained about it, but instead reminded her to pay attention to protection.


Back in China, she immediately hosted a video conference, inventoryed warehouse materials, and discussed the design of the production line. Complete the review of the mask production line design as soon as possible. The equipment produced can produce medical masks, N95 masks, etc.

As of February 15th, Jin Wei has provided more than 130 sets of mask machines for many domestic companies, which has effectively eased the crisis in mask production capacity and has been supplied to the provinces. At the same time, Baozi, a subsidiary of Jinwei Group, produces disposable non-medical masks for 60,000 per day for government allocation. While doing its utmost to produce prevention and control materials, Jinwei Company also actively presented protective clothing, infrared thermometers, masks and other prevention and control items to the society, and presented the warm love of Jinwei Group in the face of the ruthless epidemic.


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