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Great! Jinhu Entrepreneurs suspends US $ 6 million in orders from Europe and the United States to make mask production lines for Chinese companies

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Great! Jinhu Entrepreneurs suspends US $ 6 million in orders from Europe and the United States to make mask production lines for Chinese companies

At 3 pm on February 5th, in the production workshop of Jiangsu JWC Group, located in the Jinhu High-tech Development Zone, workers wear masks and blue overalls to compete for the assembly of the mask production line and the production of related accessories. The successful assembly of each part means a step closer to the completion of the mask production line.

"Now the company has stopped other production lines and has gone all out to make mask production lines with the sole purpose of producing qualified masks in the shortest time to alleviate the shortage of masks during the epidemic." Ju Daixia, General Manager of Jiangsu JWC Group Tell the reporter.

From the return of production on the seventh day of the first lunar month to the present, Ju Daixia and her husband Chen Bin have been in an extremely busy state for several days in a row. Phones and WeChat have been on the rise, and many mails and documents have to be transmitted. "Hundreds of calls a day." The voice of Ju Daixia's cell phone rang again. She clipped the cell phone to her ear and tapped the computer keyboard with both hands.

During the Spring Festival, the couple of Ju Daixia who was on vacation in Singapore learned that the impact of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic caused domestic masks to be urgent. Many mask manufacturers urgently needed to expand production lines and increase production capacity. The couple was under pressure to face huge breach of contract compensation, urgently stopped foreign orders, and raced to build a mask production line for domestic companies.

"This is a choice that must be made, otherwise our husband and wife will be upset and sleepless, and will not be able to survive this hurdle in their lifetime." Ju Daixia said calmly.


Decisive decision: quickly return to China to make a mask production line

On January 22, the couple of Ju Daixia took their children, their parents, sisters, and a group of ten with them, and flew to Singapore for a holiday.

Before leaving, the outbreak of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus was not obvious, and the family planned to spend a Spring Festival abroad. But after arriving in Singapore, many friends left a message to Ju Daixia WeChat, saying that the domestic masks were tense and asked if she could help buy masks abroad. There are also many domestic disposable mask manufacturers from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other countries who have called to purchase mask production lines to expand production capacity.

The couple, Ju Daixia, who was abroad, realized that in a severe epidemic situation, the protective material of masks was extremely scarce. As an enterprise with a mask production line, they must make a difference. However, at this time, the company still has more than 6 million US dollars of orders for diapers, sanitary napkins, and masks abroad, which need to be completed in nearly three months, and many orders have already paid a deposit. After discussing with her husband, Ju Daixia decided to postpone processing these orders, and stepped up to build a mask production line for domestic enterprises.

Ju Daixia quickly sent emails to customers in the United States, Germany, Russia and other countries. In the email, she mentioned the epidemic situation in China and the urgent situation of the national mask stocks, and sincerely hoped to delay the delivery of at least one month. However, she also knows that if the customer does not agree, the company will not only refund the deposit that the customer has delivered, but also pay a penalty of 20% of the total order amount.

"They are customers who have been cooperating for many years. On the one hand, I believe they can understand, but even if some customers do not understand, we still have to make such a choice at the time of the epidemic." What moved her was that no customer had Complaint. The earliest Russian customer who responded to the email not only expressed understanding, but also reminded Ju Daixia to pay attention to protection, health is the most important.

Ju Daixia changed the ticket to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year. In foreign countries, the husband and wife are not idle at all, open video conferences for several core employees, check the remaining inventory materials in the warehouse, and discuss the design plan of the production line. The designer was urgently recalled to the company to draw the drawings and design the function and appearance of the production line. There is only one purpose, so that the mask production line can be made as soon as possible!

Race against time: produce the export hood at the fastest speed

After returning to China, the Ju Daixia couple quickly returned to the factory, and the workshop was already preparing for the resumption of work.

Checking the inventory, Ju Daixia found that the materials stored in the warehouse were only enough to produce 70 mask production lines, and there were some production line ingredients, such as bearings and belts. There was no inventory, and he must immediately organize the purchase of materials to increase production capacity. During the epidemic, logistics and transportation were poor. The company's drivers went to Shandong, Jiangyin, Suzhou and other places to purchase raw materials. In order to hurry, they returned a few hundred kilometers away on the same day. The materials needed for the mask production line are concentrated in Shandong, Zhejiang and other places. The highways of many cities are closed. In order to allow Ju Daixia to successfully purchase materials, the Jinhu County Government also coordinated for her. Today, the materials purchased by the company can produce 120-130 mask production lines. Once these production lines are put into production, one day is enough to meet the needs of a medium-sized urban residents for masks.

"Now all domestic customers are asking, when will the production line arrive? We are also very anxious and under great pressure. For a few days, my husband and I could only sleep for three or four hours a day, and we got up every morning and were busy until eight or nine in the evening Order to eat and forget about hunger. However, we agreed today that we must supervise each other, and the more we must eat on time when we are busy, "Ju Daixia said with a smile.

Do everything possible to ensure that every employee is healthy and safe

After making the decision to resume work, the employees quickly assembled. However, in extraordinary times, Ju Daixia arranged the company's relevant personnel to conduct statistics on the whereabouts of the employees during the Spring Festival and chose young and middle-aged people who did not go out to take the lead.

On the seventh day of the first month, more than 30 workers wear masks to work in the workshop. The workers have to work at least 12 hours a day. The workers in the evening shift were even harder, and the temperature dropped to minus zero at night. On the first night, Ju Daixia, who was with the workers, was cold and cold. The next day during the day, she urgently sent someone to the supermarket to buy a dozen heaters and the little sun to come back and put them in various corners of the workshop.

The employees braved the low temperature to work overtime to assemble the equipment, and the husband and wife were very distressed and moved. "The health and safety of each employee is now the top priority. From February 6, the company made a decision to isolate work, all employees eat and live in the company, to avoid the possible cross infection caused by returning home. The company arranges a dedicated person for more than a day It was fully disinfected and ordered an infrared temperature detector to pay close attention to the physical condition of employees. "

When the reporter left, all employees were working intensively, and the Ju Daixia couple was also busy arranging orders and organizing production, ensuring that nothing was foolproof. "The raw materials for the 5 million masks will be in place tomorrow. By February 10, five mask production lines are expected to be produced. We will quickly arrange production and hand over the masks produced by the government. The other mask production lines only need to complete one , Will be immediately sent to all parts of the country to provide important protective materials to fight against the epidemic! "Ju Daixia said with confidence.


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