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Model Drive mode Speed (Pcs/min) Weight (T) Capacity Machine size (m) (L*W*H)
JWC-KBD-SV Full-servo 800-1000 60 300kW 25×8×4.5
Packing modes Quick & Easy Individual package Strip package
Optional extras ADL sheet Leak-free cuff Printed centre Auto-bagger

Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Machine


Machine controlling system: full servo control

Machine main parameters:

speed 800-1000 pcs/min
Qualified rate 98%(calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between qualified products and total production quantity, except substandard products caused by glue applicator error)
Production efficiency ≥90%( calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between real production quantity and theory production quantity)
Capacity 300KW
Power Three phases four wires 380V/50Hz  (ground wire)
Lowest pressure 6 kg/cm2   ≥0.6mpa
Air compressor 2.8 m3/min
Total weight About 60 tons
Machine size 25×3×4.5 M (L×W×H)
Working space 32×7×4.5 M (L×W×H)
Machine color Metal beach yellow+ sky blue can be changed by order
Product size One size (according to order)
Containers 3×40HQ
Packaging:  Tray and PE cover packing in container
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